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Start by giving them separation from you in the house. Don’t have them snuggled on your lap while you are working or watching television instead go into a different room.

Encourage them to sleep on their bed more and without you. Why not treat them to a new and cosy bed!

You could always go the extra mile and add something to their bed that smells of you!

We have all got into a different routine during our time at home. Now is the time to get your dog back into the routine which it will have when you are back at work.

For example, make sure you feed them and walk them at the times you will when working, this will help ease any anxiety associated with change for your dog.

If your dog has been following you around the house, try to discourage this. Do this by not engaging with them, even with eye contact.

This will be boring for your dog and will help them when you are not there to follow around! Please remember not to tell them off, just ignore the Unwanted behaviour and reward the good.

Your dog will be very sensitive to the things you do when you leave the house, it is important to try and desensitise this for them. You could pick up your keys and put them down again a number of times throughout the day, go to the front door to open it and close it again without going anywhere. Put you coat and shoes on but don’t leave the house.

Go for trips out of the house without them for small periods of time. Build the time you are leaving them for up gradually. When you leave try to have everything you need ready so that you won’t become stressed at this time, your dog will only sense this and feed off of it.

While you are gone leave some mentally stimulating toys for them to play with. The KONG Extreme and The KONG Biscuit Ball are great enrichment toys. This will help to give your dog a positive association with being left alone.

When you do return home try not to make a fuss of your dog or get them overexcited, this may be hard, but it is in their best interests.

For any more advice or information pop down to Pet X and see our passionate and knowledgeable Pet team who will be happy to help.

We are fully stocked with a huge and stylish range of dog beds, interactive dog toys and delicious natural treats! Don’t forget to bring your precious dog to visit too, we love to see them!

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